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FileZilla Final – FTP-Client

| geschrieben von Dr. Sooom
FileZilla ist ein FTP-Client und ermöglicht so das herunter- und hochladen von Dateien auf einen FTP-Server. FileZilla unterstützt u.a. das Fortsetzen abgebrochener Downloads und Uploads (vorausgesetzt der FTP-Server unterstützt diese Funktion), eine Verschlüsselung von SFTP-Transfers mit SSL oder Kerberos GSS u.v.m.

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Release Notes:
This release fixes a race condition in the IO thread leading to data loss on file downloads. An update is highly recommended. It was possible to lose up to 3*65536 bytes at the beginning of a file. The bug existed in all previous releases of FileZilla 3.x

To third-party distributors: Either add to your repository or apply this patch.

+ Fix rare race condition in IO thread leading to data loss. Was possible to lose up to 3*65536 bytes at the beginning of a download.
– *NIX: Renaming local files did not change local filelist
– OS X: Deleting non-empty local directories did not work in all cases
– MSW: Program could become unresponsive if update available dialog appears while a menu was opened
– MSW: Update wizard should use correct download location on Vista to save installation files
– Fix possible duplication of queue items on shutdown
– Cap input length of speedlimit edit controls
– Fix crash if getting disconnected while remote directory creating dialog was open
– Quickconnect bar did not handle URLs with trailing paths
– Update menu and toolbar state after clearing private data
– NIX: Filetype column was empty on some filetypes


Lizenz: GNU General Public License
Download: FileZilla Final (3.052 KB, exe)

Hinweis: Die Version 0.9.25 von FileZilla Server kann hier heruntergeladen werden.