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Nullsoft Scriptable Install System 2.42

| geschrieben von Dr. Sooom
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) wird von Nullsoft entwickelt, die u.a. den Installer für ihren Winamp nutzen. Folglich ermöglicht NSIS das erstellen von Installer zu eigenen Programmen und es lassen sich u.a. Startmenü-Einträge und Registrywerte setzen. Weiters kann der Installer komprimiert werden. Die einfache Benutzeroberfläche des Editors soll den Einstieg für Gelegenheitsnutzer erleichtern.

Screenshot: (Version: 2.35)

Release Notes:
NSIS 2.42 is released. This release includes a new simpler and more powerful plug-in API, vastly improved and thoroughly tested version of WinVer.nsh, and disposes of two great evils - /NOUNLOAD and useful header functions usage declaration. As usual and especially for the holiday season, the customary collection of bug fixes and minor improvements is also included free of charge.

Release Notes
  • Merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah!
  • Plug-in developers should check out the new plug-in API in Examples\Plugin and convert their plug-ins, especially in case they require staying loaded.

Major Changes
  • Deprecated /NOUNLOAD and SetPluginsUnload to make scripts simpler and safer (patch #1912699)
  • Useful header functions no longer require usage declaration and different syntax for uninstaller functions
  • Revamped plug-in API now comes in the form of pluginapi.lib, API version information and more common functions (patch #2359978)

Minor Changes
  • Added !searchreplace preprocessor command for compiletime text search/replaces
  • Added support for registration of EXE COM servers (RFE #2315740)
  • Minor documentation improvements (including bug #2386821)
  • nsDialogs: Added timer support (patch #2135855)
  • WinVer.nsh: Added IsServer, IsWin2003R2, IsStarterEdition, OSHasMediaCenter and OSHasTabletSupport (patch by Anders)
  • WinVer.nsh: Fixed 95/NT4 ambiguity (bug #2053642)
  • WinVer.nsh: Proper Windows XP x64 detection (bug #2053700)
  • WinVer.nsh: Windows 2008 detection support (RFE #1949260)

  • Minor English grammar improvements (bug #2323452)

Build System
  • Full System compatibility with GCC (patch #2193442)


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Download: Nullsoft Scriptable Install System 2.42 (1.546 KB, exe)