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Notepad++ 4.5 – Quellcode-Editor

| geschrieben von Dr. Sooom
Notepad++ ist ein Quellcode-Editor und wird in C++ geschrieben. Das Projekt basiert auf Scintilla, eine Editor-Komponente. Notepad++ unterstützt u.a. das gleichzeitige Bearbeiten mehrerer Dateien, Syntax-Hervorhebung und -Gliederung, benutzerdefinierte Syntax-Hervorhebung, Drag&Drop-Unterstützung, Zoom-Funktionen, Makro-Aufzeichnung und -Ausführung und das Setzen von Bookmarks, um schneller zu diversen Codepassagen navigieren zu können.

Notepad++ unterstützt die folgenden Programmiersprachen: C, C++, Java, C#, XML, HTML, PHP, CSS, makefile, ASCII art (.nfo), doxygen, ini file, batch file, Javascript, ASP, VB/VBS, SQL Objective-C, RC resource file, Pascal, Perl, Python, Lua, TeX, TCL, Assembler, Ruby, Lisp, Scheme, Properties, Diff, Smalltalk, Postscript, VHDL, Ada, Caml, AutoIt, KiXtart, Matlab, Verilog, Haskell, InnoSetup, CMake

Screenshot: (Version: 4.2)
Original Screenshot

Release Notes:
The "auto add extension" behaviour in save dialog implemented in v4.4 has a back-draw.
It does not allow users to save files with the extensions they want.
This behaviour is tuned up in this version as following:
1. The filter *.* don't change the extension at all, whatever users type.
2. The file save dialog will be launched with the filter *.* set as default. So user can add any customized extension.
3. Choose other filters will change extension of file automatically. For example, a file name "toto.php" will be changed to "toto.txt" if the filter Normal Text "*.txt" is chosen.

It's a better compromise IMO for the ones who need the "auto add extension" feature and those who don't.

Another implemented feature is to associate a session extension to Notepad++, so that when Notepad++ opens such file, the session (a set of files) will be opened but not session file itself.
Once users define their session file extension (in Preference dialog->MISC), a session can be opened not only via File load session command, but also via whichever way.

1. Fix crash issue while the launch the session file which contains the same file in 2 views (clone mode).
2. Add the session file extension association feature.
3. Enhance the read/write config.xml to avoid crash.
4. Add new -ro and -noSession command line parameters.
5. Fix Russian display problem in the shortcut mapper.
6. Fix NPPN_SHUTDOWN notification bug.

Included plugins :
1. TexFX v0.24a
2. Function list v1.2
3. ConvertExt v1.1
4. NppExec v0.2 beta 4
5. Spell checker v1.2
6. Quick text v0.02
7. Light Explorer v1.4
8. Hex editor v0.84


Lizenz: GNU General Public License
Download: Notepad++ 4.5 (1.746 KB, exe, Installer)