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FileZilla 3.0.2 Final – FTP-Client

| geschrieben von Dr. Sooom
FileZilla ist ein FTP-Client und ermöglicht so das herunter- und hochladen von Dateien auf einen FTP-Server. FileZilla unterstützt u.a. das Fortsetzen abgebrochener Downloads und Uploads (vorausgesetzt der FTP-Server unterstützt diese Funktion), eine Verschlüsselung von SFTP-Transfers mit SSL oder Kerberos GSS u.v.m.

Screenshot: (Version: 3.0.0 Final)
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3.0.2 (2007-10-17)
+ MSW: Added /user=all and /user=current options to installer
+ Experimental support for z/VM servers
– Fix typo in option handling code. Due to this, settings for date/time formatting have been reset.
– Fix performance problem if FileZilla gets started with message log hidden
– Work around possible race conditions in SFTP input thread leading to crashes
– MSW: Fix issue with installer where reboot after uninstalling previous version disrupted installation. Fix will only work if uninstalling 3.0.2 or greater.
– OSX: Use new icon

3.0.2-rc1 (2007-10-10)
+ Remote file viewing / editing
+ Display current server in window title
– Don't remember incorrect password on SFTP connections with ASK logontype
– MSW: Fix drag&drop to explorer in case of case-mismatch between requested and reported path.
– *nix: Fix Makefiles so SFTP properly supports files > 2GB
– Ascii filetype setting for extensionless files and dotfiles had negated effect
– Fix error message if using multiple running instances save the settings at the same time
– Fix parsing of very new files in directory listings if server is in a timezone ahead of the client
– Fix range of timezone offset setting
– Fix problems with remote path combobox if reconnecting after a disconnect
– Display confirmation dialog if deleting file from remote directory tree context menu
– Refresh remote directory listing after refreshing a single file
– On very first startup, center FileZilla on screen


Lizenz: GNU General Public License
Download: FileZilla 3.0.2 Final (2.809 KB, exe)

Hinweis: Die Version 0.9.23 von FileZilla Server kann hier heruntergeladen werden.